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As we all know, early childhood nutrition is related to the development of a person's life, and 6 to 36 months is the "critical window period" of life nutrition and development.

According to the data of nutrition monitoring and investigation in China in the past 40 years, mild malnutrition and micronutrient deficiency caused by inappropriate feeding methods have become common problems in infant nutrition.

Especially during the period of 6 to 36 months, the prevalence of malnutrition increased significantly.

In order to effectively solve the problem of high rates of malnutrition among infants and young children, the state began to distribute free supplementary food and nutrition packages for infants and young children from March 1, 2009.


National Nutritional supplement package for Infants and young children

After the infant 6 months, the energy and nutrients in the mother's milk can not meet the needs of the growth and development of infants and young children, from this time on to add complementary food to the child.

Supplement products containing high density of various trace elements (vitamins and minerals) added in supplementary food for infants aged 6 to 36 months are called "supplementary food nutrient supplement", also called "nutrition package".


Most of our country's families do supplementary food, generally using rice porridge, batter or noodle soup and other cereals mainly. These are far from enough to meet the growth and development needs of infants and young children, resulting in low weight, growth retardation, anemia and other nutritional problems.

In the homemade supplementary food, an additional nutritional package is added to supplement high-quality protein (such as soybean powder, whey protein), minerals, iron, zinc and a variety of vitamins, to ensure the healthy growth of children, especially to prevent anemia, is conducive to children's brain development and intellectual development.


How does national infant complementary food nutrition package get

As long as you live in a place where nutrition kits are distributed for free (only for children in poor areas), and your child is between 6 months and 2 years old, you can register at the local health center to receive them.

Don't forget to bring your baby's ID when you pick it up.


The state has formulated appropriate nutritional supplement plans for infants of different ages. If you want to receive national supplementary food nutrition packages for infants and young children, you can operate according to the above methods.

The steps to get is also very simple, the national infant nutrition supplement package to get in accordance with the correct amount of strict use.


How does infantile complementary food nutrition bag eat

// Add the basic requirements of the nutrition package must be done

A guarantee: to ensure that children's complementary food is clean and hygienic

Three business as usual: breastfeeding as usual; Add supplementary food as usual; Feeding as usual

Four ones: one for a child; Be sure to add to the complementary food; Eat the whole package; There's nothing left.


// Direct blanking method

Pour an appropriate amount of the nutrition package into a clean bowl or cup from which your child is drinking. Add a few teaspoons of warm boiling water and stir until it becomes a paste, preferably thick enough to stay in a spoon. Then feed the child.

Depending on your child's level of acceptance, you can feed them one pack at a time or several times, but make sure your child eats one pack a day.

// With complementary foods

Pour the nutrition package into the porridge, noodles, corn paste and other supplementary food prepared for the child, stir evenly, until not hot when feeding to the child.

When using this method, add the nutrition package according to the amount of food the child eats, do not pour a meal into a package, because if the child can not finish the meal complementary food, also can not eat the nutrition package.


Problems encountered after adding nutrition package and treatment methods

(1) Allergy (the symptoms mainly include fever, rash and diarrhea) : the main reason is the presence of heterophenin in the instant soybean powder based on food. After understanding the situation, it is determined to continue eating, suspend or stop eating.

(2) Food rejection: infants have no special interest in food, and it takes a process to accept a new food. Parents should not feed the first time to see the child does not eat, think that the child does not love to eat, so as to give up adding nutrition package. Try adding nutrition packets to foods your baby loves, or divide a packet into two or three servings.

(3) Diarrhea: carefully find out the cause, such as whether the child is sick, whether to eat raw and cold, dirty food, etc., and try to feed the child after the diarrhea is cured.

(4) Urine and feces (urine turns yellow and stool turns black) : Some nutrients in the nutrition package are not fully absorbed by the body, which will not cause any impact on the body of infants and young children, so there is no need to deal with it.
Worried about your baby's nutritional imbalance? In line with the national standard of complementary food nutrition package do not miss!
Have you heard of supplement packs or nutrient sprinkles? Some mothers say they don't know; Some say nutrition is comprehensive, but do not know how to eat; Still have think very "chicken rib", taste bad. In fact, there are clear standards for their countries. Let's find out what they are like!


01. GB 22570
Standard for complementary food and nutritional supplements

Careful mother can discover, the product standard number that nutrition package or nutriment scatter agent place uses is GB22570, what is this standard?


As can be seen from the figure, there are 3 types of supplementary food supplements defined by the standard: supplementary food, supplementary tablet and supplementary nutrient sprinkles. The supplement is not suitable for babies to swallow, so we will not discuss it.

* Supplementary nutrition Supplementary food definition: supplementary food made with soy, soy protein products, milk, one or more of milk protein products as food base, adding a variety of micronutrients and/or other auxiliary materials. The food form can be powder or granular or semisolid, and the food matrix can provide some good protein.

* Definition of a supplement of supplementary nutrients: a powder or granular supplement of various micronutrients that does not contain a food substrate.

Supplementary food supplements are defined as supplements containing a variety of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals, etc.), with or without food matrix and other excipients, added to ready-to-eat supplementary food for infants aged 6 to 36 months, and can also be used for children aged 37 to 60 months. The national Nutrition kit is classified as a complementary nutrient supplement.

To highlight

Nutrient packs and nutrient sprinkles are suitable for children aged 6-60 months. They are not recommended as a single source of nutrient supply, but should be added to supplement food.

02. Supplementary food nutrition package
What about nutrition?

In 2009, China launched a pilot project to distribute free complementary food and nutrition kits, aiming to improve the malnutrition situation of infants and young children. The main distributed products are shown in the figure.

Graph derived from the network

Let's focus on the nutrition facts.


Taken together, it contains a variety of vitamins and minerals that babies need to grow. Can it fully meet the baby's daily nutritional needs?

Take its protein as an example. The Chinese Nutrition Society suggests that the recommended intake of protein is: It is 9g/d for 0-6 months of age (AI), 20g/d for 7-12 months of age, and 25g/d for 1-3 years of age. The protein added in the free nutrition package is 3.1g/ bag, which can effectively supplement part of the protein, but the content has a certain gap with the daily requirement, so it is defined as supplementary nutrition in the NATIONAL standard.

In addition, there are many brands also follow the trend, according to the NATIONAL standard launched complementary food nutrition package products, mothers can refer to choose. In addition to nutrition package, what is the same standard complementary food nutrients sprinkled agent?

03. Sprinkling agent of complementary nutrients

We are familiar with the pig liver powder is a kind of complementary nutrition sprinkled agent. In addition to pig liver powder, there are a lot of nutritional supplements on the market.

Let's take a look at the nutrition ingredient list of a certain pig liver powder. After strengthening iron, the content reaches 6.5mg/2g, and the nutrients in all aspects are also added well, which is one of the good choices for nutritional supplement:
Picture from JINGdong

In addition, there are a lot of complementary nutrient sprinkling agents also have their own strengthening characteristics:

For example, shancayu's polypeptide globulin complementary nutrients sprinkled with yolk globulin and vitamin A, vitamin B1 and vitamin D;
Grandpa's farm's fortified iron pig liver powder infant supplementary food nutrients sprinkled with iron content of 6.5mg/2g;
Vitamin D3 is extracted from natural lanolin and does not contain potassium sorbate.
The content of iron in the nutrient sprinkling agent of Milk iron was 9mg/2g;
Pony Qiqi VC complementary nutrient sprinkling agent each bag contains 40mg vitamin C;
Fruit fairy multidimensional baby label black sesame oyster powder infant supplementary nutrition sprinkled with iron content up to 6.5mg/2g.

* the recommended AI for iron in China is 0.3mg/d for 0 to 6 months of age, 10mg/d for 7 to 12 months of age, and 9mg/d for 1 to 3 years of age.

Picture from JINGdong

Xiao Ku found that the advantage of the nutrition package and nutrient supplement is that it can provide high density of vitamins and minerals, which will not affect the taste of the supplement food, but also help the baby to take in adequate nutrition.

In addition, GB 22570 supplementary nutrition supplements of raw materials, sensory, essential ingredients, optional ingredients, limits of pollutants, mycotoxin limits, microbial limits, food additives and nutritional fortifier as well as urease activity, identification and other clear requirements. Therefore, if mothers want to help their babies balance complementary food nutrition, they can refer to this standard!
Infant complementary food nutrition package guide
What is a nutrition kit?

"Nutrition package" is carefully studied by nutrition experts a kind of infant supplementary food nutrition supplement, can give more than 6 months of the baby to supplement growth and development of essential nutrients.

Why do you want to add complementary food to the baby?

Breast milk is the best of the infant food and drink, six months after the baby was born should only eat mother's milk, but the baby grow up to six months later, eat milk already can't satisfy the nutrition for the baby to grow and develop, it need to start to add supplementary food, baby milk to eat at the same time, can eat until 2 years and older


Baby need to add what complementary food?

For the baby to add supplementary food should start from adding fortified iron rice noodles, mix into a paste, consistency can stay in the spoon. Then gradually start feeding liver, meat, vegetable and fruit puree. Pig, sheep, cattle lean meat and liver contain the most iron, with green leafy vegetables to eat together, will help the baby's body iron absorption, should eat often.


Why give a baby a nutrition kit?

If parents can not add nutrient-rich complementary food to the baby in time, it will make the baby suffer from anemia, malnutrition and other diseases of varying degrees, affecting the healthy growth of the baby, and affect the intelligence and sports ability after growing up. In order to solve this problem, our government organized nutrition experts to develop special nutrition packages for infants, which were provided free of charge by the government. Replenish nutrients and improve children's nutritional status.

What good nutrition does nutrition pack have?

Nutrition package contains the baby healthy growth necessary high-quality protein, calcium, iron, zinc and other elements and a variety of vitamins, can prevent the baby malnutrition and anemia and other diseases. Babies can grow taller, stronger, smarter and less likely to get sick if they eat the nutrition package.

How to use the nutrition package

Please check whether the outer package of the nutrition package is in good condition. If it is damaged, do not eat it. Please check the production date and shelf life.

The preparatory work

Prepare a clean bowl, spoon, and drinking glass
Prepare a cup of warm water
Have a nutrition kit ready


How to eat it

With complementary food: the nutrition package torn by the tear, into the warm porridge, noodles, corn paste, milk and other local complementary food, stir evenly, feed the child to eat, according to the child's meal plus nutrition package, to ensure that the child finished eating nutrition package of rice, do not waste.

Eat directly: tear the nutrition package from the tearing point, pour into the bowl, the cool warm water slowly pour into the bowl, about 2-3 tablespoons, stir with a spoon into a paste. It is best to keep the nutrient paste thick enough to stay in the spoon. You can also add warm boiled water in the bowl first, and then add the nutrition package.



One bag a day. You can eat it all at once. At the beginning, babies between 6 and 12 months of age can eat them in two or three times.

Save method
Store in a cool dry place at room temperature
Avoid insect gnawing


Matters needing attention

Nutritional meals can not replace breast milk and complementary food, the baby's tableware must ensure clean, a did not eat the nutrition package must be sealed storage, tear the nutrition package should be finished that day. After the baby eats the nutrition package, there may be black stool or yellow urine, which is a normal phenomenon and will not cause any impact on the child's body. You can continue to take the nutrition package.
Why should the child eat nutrition packet?
Child often sick, and resistance is low, in fact, the nutritional imbalance, caused by the lack of nutrients added, then the baby everyday piddle anorexia, spleen and stomach absorption is poor, cause dietary intake of nutrients, especially micronutrient intake is low, resulting in poor baby resistance, growth retardation, parents should pay more attention to this time, on the one hand, improving diet structure, On the other hand, be sure to supplement the nutrition package. One pack a day to supplement the baby's daily micronutrient needs of 50%-80%, can fully help the baby from the root to solve the problem of insufficient resistance.

Types of nutrient content of comprehensive and balanced nutrition package, can satisfy children 50% 80% nutrition required for a day, the child congenital deficiency or nutrients caused by inadequate inventory requirements to improve because nutrition absorption, transformation, storage or use disorder caused by nutritional problems, to prevent the lack of nutrients, improve physical quality and intelligence, preventing chronic diseases, Can let the child develop well, high IQ, not anaemia, to lay a solid foundation for the child's nutrition.

At the same time, it can balance the baby's nutrition, improve the child's immunity, promote the child's intellectual development, psychological and spiritual development (language, social skills), increase the intake of nutrients, meet the nutritional needs of the body when the increase in nutritional requirements, and prevent the incidence of chronic diseases and increased risk of disease in adulthood.
What is children complementary food nutrition package?
Nutrition bag is small bag is food matrix with high grade protein, the powder agent that makes with daily amount vitamin and mineral nutrition strong agent mix, outside the micronutriment that compensates infant place must, still can increase the high grade protein that promotes growth development.

Soy, whole soybean powder, milk powder, whey protein or mixture can be selected as the food substrate as a source of high quality protein, whey protein as the nutritional package quality is better.

When using nutrition package, because there is food matrix, you can use water to adjust directly after eating, but also scattered into other complementary food mixed edible, once or sub edible, ensure the daily amount of nutrition supply.

The suitable population of supplementary food nutrition package for children is 6 ~ 60 months of older infants and young children.

Priority is given to infants and young children who:

1. Infants with growth retardation;

2. Infants who fail to add complementary food in time;

3. Infants who add complementary foods but have an unreasonable diet structure;

4. Infants deficient in one or more nutrients;

Infant caregivers should strictly follow the dosage in the supplement nutrition package instructions. The supplement cannot replace breast milk and supplement food for infants, nor can it replace normal diet. 
Infant complementary food nutrition package benefits
With the birth of more and more babies, babies do not like to eat, especially picky food, which is extremely detrimental to the growth of the baby, so you need to do some supplementary food for the baby, so as to get rid of the bad habit of picky food. Complementary food is very beneficial to the growth of the baby. So the precious mothers want to know about the benefits of infant complementary food nutrition package.

Infant complementary food nutrition package benefits

Supplementary food nutrition supplement is an effective measure to improve the supplementation of supplementary food for infants and young children. Nutritionists at home and abroad have shown that through fortified food, supplementary food nutrition supplement and other methods, improving the nutritional composition of supplementary food can reduce the occurrence of low weight, growth retardation, and anemia in children, and promote the development of children's physical and cognitive ability. To solve the nutrition problems of infants and young children in many areas, the most fundamental strategy is to change the feeding habits of parents, change the preparation method of complementary food for infants and young children, and improve the food supply of children in rural areas.

Infant supplementary food nutrition package eating method

For infants and young children complementary food nutrition package eating method can be directly blunt adjust method: pour the right amount of nutrition package into a clean bowl, add a few spoons of warm water, stir evenly into a paste after feeding the child. Depending on your child's level of acceptance, you can feed them one pack at a time or several times, but make sure your child eats one pack a day. So the baby to eat some complementary food, the body is better.

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